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How Viktor Hovland balances school with getting ready for the PGA Tour

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It's high noon...Viktor Hovland talks how he balances school and golf: Being a student athlete can be tough, it's even tougher when you're prepping for an event like the Masters. Oklahoma State golf standout Viktor Hovland talked in interview about how he makes it all work . How do you balance college life and Tour preparation? We have a lot of people that care about our program."Cowgirl tennis player gets huge surprise: Sophia Blanco was shocked to learn that the familiar whistle she was hearing wasn't coming from thephone but that her father was in the Greenwood Tennis to watch the Cowgirls take on the Baylor Bears. He had come for the week all the way from Argentina. Blanco described the moment for GoPokes  "I couldn't believe it. I hear that whistle he makes since I can remember and I was talking to my momma and my sisters on the phone, so like when I hear it didn't come from the phone and I knew something was up," Sophia described. "I was like what is going on and then when I see him, I'm so happy." GoPokes Oklahoma State alum's road to the National Championship game:An Oklahoma State alum was right with Texas Tech on their journey to the men's basketball National Championship last night. Geoff Haxton, the voice of the Red Raiders knew he wanted to be a play by play announcers during his time as a student at OSU. Geoff Haxton popped the cassette into the console of his truck.What he heard changed his life.He was only 19 Andy Alfieri Jersey, a graduate of tiny Ripley High School and a student at Oklahoma State. He'd decided he didn't have a future playing sports and didn't want a future coaching themhe'd seen how tough that had been on his dad, who'd coachedbut Haxton wanted to stay involved in sports .Maybe play-by-play was the answer.After recording himself calling an OSU basketball game, he took the tape to his truck."This," he told himself as he listened, "is what I want to do."Haxton spent the next two decades chasing his dream, doubting it, then chasing it some more."And I'm gonna call a national championship game," Monday night, he said with a chuckle.